Sunday, May 21, 2017

San Miguel Corporation chief Ramon Ang makes Duterte wait for 10 minutes

President Rodrigo Duterte had to woo a crowd for 10 minutes while waiting for top Filipino entrepreneur and San Miguel Corporation chief Ramon Ang who was caught in traffic.

"We have to be patient just a little while. Ang ating pinaka-sponsor, Ramon Ang, ang gumastos dito, natraffic," said the President during the ceremony.

Biyaya ng Pagbabago Housing Project ceremony was being held and funded by San Miguel Foundation in Barangay Los Amigos.

"Hintay-hintayin na lang natin in deference to the – baka wala siyang masabi – sense of being a philanthropist. Just a little while, sandali lang naman siguro 'yun," Duterte said.

Ang was one of the people who funded Duterte's presidential campaign which the President mentioned during a Christmas party back in December 2016.

Ang came in 6 minutes since Duterte started entertaining the audience. The businessman hurried to the podium to deliver his speech.

"Sorry, sorry boss! Na-traffic po kami, boss!" Ang said.

Ang admitted feeling nervous for arriving so late.

"Sir, sorry po at ninenerbiyos po ako kasi na-late kami," he said.

The audience took it lightly along with Duterte and Cabinet Secretary Leoncio Evasco Jr.

When it was Duterte's turn to give a speech, he thanked Ang and recognized the entrepreneur's credentials and charities.

"This Ramon, may sheer guts, by his own hard work he became a billionaire 10 times over...He gave donations, charitable endeavors but they don't publish it," he said.

Source: Rappler


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