Thursday, May 11, 2017

Problematic marriage of Cuneta-Pangilinan link to holding hands scene of with Hontiveros?

A picture of Senators Francis Pangilinan and Risa Hontiveros holding hands went viral and abuzz and coincided with Megastar Sharon Cuneta’s, Pangilinan’s wife, departure to the United States recently.
Photo credits: Bandera - Inquirer

Cuneta claimed that she flew alone to US to escape the rigors of her career, however, hearsays have revealed that Cuneta and Pangilinan are currently having marital problems and Cuneta had already left Pangilinan.

The circumstances have coincided closely that netizens were quick to assume that because of the marital issue, a romance might possibly be developing between Hontiveros and Pangilinan.

Netizens took to social media to express their suspicions.

John Cabellon branded the issue as “KikoLeaks” in reference to the NagaLeaks that exposed the late Naga City Mayor Jesse Robredo’s allegedly illegal drugs and gambling link.

Another netizen, Gerry Morales, said that, “bka kaya pumunta daw si Sharon sa US ng mag isa dahil buking na nya”, while Enrique Antonio assumed that “kaya pala mag isa c shawi ng pumuntang America nagpalamig hahahaha iba na pala tinitira mo kingkong”.

However, a different angle on the viral photo of Hontiveros and Pangilinan reveals them walking side by side each other with a safe distance between them. They were visiting Senator Leila De Lima in Camp Crame, Quezon City along with other senators. 

Other netizens were quick to pick up the questionable take on the photo.

Oscar Dacara said “this photo is convincing enough, they’re not holding hands. But from another camera angle, it looks like they are.”

Charlotte Daniels argued that “malisyoso ang post hindi magkaholding hands yan .. nasa angle lang sa kagkakuha ng picture na parang magkaholding pero hindi”.

Still others assumed that the photo may have been manipulated and edited.

Despite the photo issue debunked, rumors remain afloat especially since Cuneta posted on Facebook that she “does not want to go back home anymore.”

Source: Inquirer


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