Thursday, May 18, 2017

People’s demand letter is issued for Dunkin Donuts tax evasion

The Philippines’ Dunkin’ Donuts (DD) franchise has been under fire for massive tax evasion that amounts to Php 1.56 billion deficiency tax assessment as of October 29, 2010.

Othello Dalanon, a former Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) revenue officer and a staunch lobbyist of the DD tax evasion case, posted on his Facebook a People’s Demand Letter addressed to DD owner Maria Axuilio Rufino Prieto.

Dalanon personal handled the probe into DD company’s financial records back in 2007 and several irregularities were found.

Even when Dalanon addressed Kim Henares, the BIR Commissioner that time, regarding the tumultuous tax stance of the company, the BIR refused to budge on the matter. 

In the letter, DD is being demanded to pay its tax deficiency along with the legal interest and penalties that accumulated through the years of evasion on or before June 12, 2017.

The date is held to symbolize the “masa Pilipinas quest for independence from oligarchs”, as the letter stated.

A tax payment report is also being requested in the event that DD manages to pay their tax.

In Dalanon’s full post on Facebook, the letter reads,

17 May 2017
Exclusive Franchisee of Dunkin’ Donuts of America
Tax Identification № 000-122-565-000
GDI Building
Reliance corner Sheridan streets
Mandaluyong City 1550 Philippines

To whom it may concern:

We the People demand that you pay to the REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES all the taxes due under the 2007 Tax Deficiency Assessment of Golden Donuts, Inc. per Final Assessment Notice Demand No. 41-B072-07 amounting to at least One Billion Five Hundred Sixty-Four Million Four Hundred Twenty-Six Thousand Eight Hundred Eight Pesos and Eight Centavos or PhP 1,564,426,808.08 as of 29 October 2010 plus the legal interest plus penalties plus whatever other amounts are lawfully chargeable from that date to the present date. We appreciate receiving a report of your tax payment to the REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES sometime on or before commemoration of Philippine Independence Day on 12 June 2017 to coincide with and symbolize the masa Pilipinas quest for independence from oligarchs.

Source: Facebook


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