Friday, May 19, 2017

Open letter to EU: Now, the tables have turned, go ahead and keep your money

Open letter to EU: The tables have turned
The blog site Politikal Pinoy posted an open to the European Union regarding the recent cutting of the country from their development aid.

According to the post, the Filipinos are not selling their independence, insisting that tha the EU can't buy it.

The EU recently offered billions of foreign aid for the Philippines, which was refused by President Rodrigo Duterte.

Duterte is a known critic of the foreign body whom he has accused of trying to interfere with Philippine internal affairs, after it urged Duterte to  stop his war against drugs and discouraged his take to bring bakc death penalty in the country.

EU has also called on to the Philippine government to release detained Senator Leila de Lima who was imprisoned for involvement with the illegal drug trade while sitting as Justice Secretary.

"You had no solid proof of your accusations other than what has been provided you by the biased Western news media and the critics of Rodrigo Duterte who are out to preserve their oligarchic power in our country."

EU has once threatened to cut off aid to the Philippines.

"You threatened to cut off developmental aid to the Philippines and even suggested trade sanctions if we didn’t cave in to your misinformed and misdirected demands," the post read.

"Now, the tables have been turned.The Philippines has decided to cut off development aid FROM EU," it added.

The blog also hit the administration of President Benigno Aquino III who it said, cannot fully account for the aid given by the EU in the past years and that this corruption is exaclty what the Duterte administration is trying to fight.

"So go ahead and keep your money. There are many other countries in our region that are more than happy to fill in any gap that may result from this loss in EU aid."

"You can’t buy our independence. We’ve been working for it for many generations."

SOURCE: Politikal Pinoy


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