Friday, May 12, 2017

Mother Caught Playing Mobile Legends While Giving Birth

Mother’s day is certainly in the air. Presents for our moms are almost everywhere we go. It is the time of the year where we get to thank our mothers for the sacrifices they have made to raise us. And for all we know, it is not very easy to be a mother.

We are conceived out of love, and we are carried by our mothers in their womb for 9 months. They have undergone so many changes in their body for the sake of our lives, and these don’t matter for them as they are more than happy to see hear our cry soon after we are released to the world.

Mothers have gone into so much pain as well. From the moment of conception, and until the time they are already inside the delivery room. Mothers are the most blessed creatures, and we can say “anointed” by God because they are instruments to carry out the plans of the Lord. Not everyone is able to experience giving birth, and not everyone is given a chance to be a mother. Not every woman is given the opportunity to conceive, and as a fertile woman, one is more than blessed to give birth to a child no matter how painful it was.

But apparently, a video of a woman went trending recently. The woman was lying on the hospital bed inside a delivery room. Her legs spread wide as a doctor and her assistant aided her at childbirth. But everyone was surprised because the mother seems to only be chilling as if nothing is happening! She even managed to play the popular smartphone game, “Mobile Legends” while giving birth to her child! Netizens were amused by the woman’s strength and tolerance considering that giving birth is indeed a painful experience to anyone who would be in that situation. But this woman? She’s got the angst, baby!


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