Saturday, May 13, 2017

Mocha doesn’t need to be a comm major to be PCOO ASec. says former Presidential Assistant for Economic Affairs

In defense of Mocha Uson’s appointment as the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) Assistant Secretary, a netizen argues that having a communications course as an educational background is not necessary. 

“Communications is not the monopoly of those who studied journalism or media techniques,” Jose Alejandrino said in his article that was reposted by Jeffrey Macabale.

Alejandrino cited himself as an example of a non-journalism or communication graduate and yet was able to cut across various fields in journalism and writing.

Alejandrino accounts for his writing style and several publications in Manila Chronicle, foreign press, and managing a major newspaper which he said did not require him to be a communication graduate. 

Due to his personal undertakings, Alejandrino asserts that Uson can surely have the PCOO seat for as long as she knows how to use “her brain.”

The article further affirmed that Uson does not have any criminal track record and she has proven herself in both personal and social communication platforms.

In his full post on Facebook, Alejandrino said,


By Jose Alejandrino

I don't know Mocha. I never met her. But from what she writes and what she says, she strikes me as being a bright and articulate woman.

I don't care about her past. As far as I know, she hasn't committed a crime. So why all the fuss about appointing her Asec in the Palace communications office? As long as she can do the job - and she has already proven both in the formal and social media she communicates well - her detractors have no ground to object.

It's time we overcome our biases. Communications is not the monopoly of those who studied journalism or media techniques. I should know. I didn't graduate in journalism. I didn't have any experience with the press. I learned to write by myself. I learned to develop my own style. I taught myself how to communicate. I ended up writing dozens of articles in the Manila Chronicle and in the foreign press, as well as several books, two of which were published in the United States. I ended up managing a major newspaper for the Philippine media magnate Geny Lopez.

If I could do it, why not Mocha? Why not anybody else? Give the girl a break. She is pretty, she can dance, she can pose, but more important, she knows how to use her brain. And that is more than what I can say for a lot of journalists in this country."


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