Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Journalist: Alejano, Trillanes, LP planned impeachment case junked all along

Journalist: Alejano, Trillanes, LP planned impeachment case junked all along
Journalist Jojo Robles in his Facebook page revealed that the recent junking of the House of Representatives of the impeachment case against President Rodrigo Duterte filed by Magdalo Representative Gary Alejano was planned all along.

He said that the intention was to have  the case dismissed by the House so it could then proceed to the hands of the International Criminal Court.

"So, Alejano has declared that he will file his stupid, dismissed case at the ICC, because he cannot get justice from any government agency here. Not at the House, not at the DoJ, according to him," Robles said.

"But that's what they wanted to do all along, because they knew their cases will be thrown out for lack of evidence. And the brainless foreigners at the ICC are being led along by the Yellows, oblivious to the plot to use them," he added.

The International Criminal Court presides over cases when the government of the country where it is filed refuses to investigate.

If Alejano's proceeds to the ICC, it would be the second impeachment complaint against Duterte, next to the one filed by self-confessed hitman Edgar Matobato's lawyer, Jude Sabio.

"This is why foreigners and their agencies who know nothing of what's going on here -- or foreigners like Agnes the Uncombed who have already come to their conclusions without even finding a shred of evidence first -- should really be wary," he said hitting UN rapporteur Agnes Callamard , a critic of Duterte's drug war, who has recently visited the country.

"They are being made to look like idiots who don't even know the rules of evidence. And they don't even know it."

SOURCE: Jojo Robles


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