Sunday, May 28, 2017

If the President had to explain his rape joke as told by netizen

President Rodrigo Duterte is under fire for making his second controversial rape joke during a speech to the military.d

He said that soldiers were allowed to rape up to three women.

"I will be imprisoned for you. If you rape three (women), I will say that I did it. But if you marry four, son of a whore you will be beaten up."

Netizen Dan Jimenez tells a hypothetical situation where the President had to explain his side about the rape joke.

The President would have emphasized that as the military forces had to face a daunting, serious task, it would have been Duterte’s initiative to lighten up the mood and crack a joke that would have been appropriate only within a private circle of friends.

Jimenez imagines that the President would take full responsibility for what he says, trusting that his supporters will continue to rally for him and his detractors will only focus on what can bring him down.

Predisposed to misunderstandings, Duterte would only hope that true judgement will be passed on his actions and not on a bad joke.

In his full post on Facebook, Jimenez said,


"Is this an interview", he asked. "No, sir", I replied. "It is more of me trying to understand you and what you say". "So, you are trying to be me", he said with that knowing wink. "Fire away then", he egged.

"Your rape joke with the troops was uncalled for, a disaster, a nightmare for your supporters and allies. It was a welcomed gift to your enemies, those who would like to bring you down. How do you explain such?"

"My supporters and allies need not be burdened by that joke and in retrospect, I admit it is a bad joke. I expect nobody to defend a joke about rapes. As a prosecutor, I ran after the rapists and sexual predators. So, what was I thinking when that joke came out my mouth? I was looking at the troops, their faces. They were there listening to me in all seriousness. I am sending them to battle and some will not be coming back. I want to boost their morale, to assure them that their President is behind them all the way. I want to lighten the atmosphere of a bleak undertaking. It was a joke meant between friends, close friends with no media and "you tube" listening. It's like when you tell your best buddies all the sexual and racist jokes you can imagine without malice nor repercussions because your friends know that all of those foul things coming out of your mouth are for them only, not for anybody else."

"But the media were there and they heard you and now the rest of the world know and are questioning your behaviour as president. Are you really that crass and uncouth?"

" You see, I am 72 years old. I am me a long long long time ago. Yes, there are times that my words take the better of me. I have no excuse for such. Because that means I will have to ask forgiveness for being born. I don't worry what my supporters will do. They have come this far, they know who they are supporting. As for my countrymen, they care about their livelihood, their security, their children's future. A good joke will not put food on their table neither will a bad joke take food away. As for my opponents, my detractors, those who will triumph in my downfall, nothing I will do or say will suffice."

"But you're giving them more ammunition and now you're the butt of more vilification and trumped up hatred. Doesn't this distract you from what you must do?"

"I know what I must do. All the ridicule and hatred directed towards me are nothing new. Such started the day I declared myself a Presidential candidate. They just keep piling on no matter what. They have gotten old and the most they do is provide soundbites that induce my shitting in the morning. I will die someday and that is not too far off. I can hear the footsteps not only in my sleep but in my waking hours. If I am going to be judged, let me be judged by what I did, not because of the bad jokes I made. And I trust, history's wisdom will bear witness to who I really am."

"I have no more to ask unless you have something more to say".

" Want to hear that joke about the priest and rosary?"

I smiled."

Source: Dan Jimenez Facebook account

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