Friday, May 19, 2017

Get To Know The Igigu; Sumerian Gods Of Heaven Against Anunnaki

Get to Know the Igigu; Sumerian Gods of Heaven Against Annunnaki

It is a common knowledge already that many people are enthusiastic about the Anunnaki and its origins. Many people from all over the world believe in the story of the Anunnaki. How can it be impossible to be intrigued with this ancient and heavily powered alien race? The Annunnaki race are believed to be the creators of humanity who designed the first human beings half a million years ago and they also served as drone workers in the mines on planet Earth. But just like any other famous movie of triumph and awe, there are another species sent to obliterate the superior race. Meet Igigi, who opposed the supremacy of Annunnakis. They are also referred to as the Sumerian Gods of Heaven.


The Igigi or Igigu were speculated to be a second alien species which were also inextricably linked to the foundation of human civilization and the formation of intelligent life on the planet Earth. They are famously known as the ancient astronaut gods. Through  ancient textual research, researchers have discovered that these ancient astronaut gods are believed to be of a younger generation that the Anunnaki. The Igigi appears to be of Semitic origin, the implication is that they were based around Mesopotamia civilization when they resided on Earth. It is interesting to note that the city of Babylon appears to be particularly closely linked with this second species of alien beings. Initially, it is believed that the Igigi acted as servants for the Anunnaki. This race of alien beings is described in ancient texts as the ones who engaged in back-breaking and ceaseless labor at the behest of the Anunnaki on the planet Earth until they chose to rebel against their masters.

How did their rebellion fare? It is said that the ancient astronaut gods set fire to their tools and surrounded the house of the master Anunnaki, Evil, in the middle of the night. Such a sbeaky move and this action led to the Anunnaki releasing the Igigi from their obligations and designing human beings to serve as more compliant worker drones. That's the time when our own species were formed as the story goes.


 Further research on the Igigi is an incredibly difficult process as it is believed that these beings have never actually been encountered by humanity.


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