Monday, May 29, 2017

Forbes correspondent labels Duterte as PH’s greatest threat

In his article, political writer for Forbes Anders Corr expressed views on why and how President Rodrigo Duterte became the greatest threat to his own country by emphasizing how he has been using actual issues plaguing the country as an alibi to impose Martial Law.

Corr urged the Philippine Congress to assert its constitutional right and revoke Duterte’s Martial Law before he attempts to extend it past the 60-day limit.

The correspondent asserts that there are not as many members of Maute or Abu Sayyaf as their gall to wave an ISIS flag shows which would not be the invasion or rebellion that the constitutional requirement for Martial Law demands.

Duterte’s imminent dictatorship, as Corr asserts, is also revealed in his reverence of former President Ferdinand Marcos and preference of ties with China and Russia over US. 

Instead of Martial Law, Corr suggests Dr. Priscilla Tacujan’s four-point program in her Small Wars Journal which enumerates 1) disarmament, 2) strong local governments, or federalism,  3) a diversified market economy, and 4) civic education and community relations as ways to address crisis like the one in Mindanao.

With Duterte’s current hardline stance, Corr believes that it will be the Constitution that becomes the victim.

He urges the public and lawmakers to rally against Duterte and revoke Martial Law by asserting the Constitution.

Source: Forbes.com

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