Monday, May 22, 2017

Duterte slights EU, Harvard, Yale graduates: ‘Mga buang yan’

President Rodrigo Duterte gave a speech during the national convention of the 33rd Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary in Davao City on May 19, 2017 (Friday) where he slighted the European Union (EU) and Yale and Harvard graduates because of their “dignity of a race” where they look down on others.

“You know, there is such thing as a dignity of a race. Huwag mo namang sobrahan. Sabi ko doon sa ASEAN. May mga Presidente siguro na tatanggap ng… mga Harvard graduates, mga Yale, ano lang tahimik. Dito kayo sa taga-Boulevard. Putang ina ninyo. Leche kayo. Hindi kita palusutin buang ka,” Duterte said.

The comments came after Duterte refused the assistance of the EU after they criticized his war on drugs and issued a resolution seeking for an investigation into the human rights status in the Philippines.

The President divulged that the EU gave conditions on how they may meddle in the domestic affairs of the country once the Philippines accepts their new $200 million grant.

“Sabi niya (Finance Secretary Sonny Dominguez): ‘Look, Mr. President, if you receive the, accept the money, they will have the right to question where the money and interfere in our… Kasi tumanggap ka. Under that condition, magtatanong ‘yan sila ngayon. ‘Yung human rights,” Duterte quoted.

Appalled by the conditional offer of the EU, Duterte spat his rage at the race of “whites” that looked down on the Philippines, especially the likes of the EU.

“Gago talaga itong mga puti. Kaya sabi ko buang kayo. Buang man lang talaga ‘yan sila. Totoo…Huwag mo kaming maliitin. Take your money. We will survive.” Duterte said.

The President also mocked the lawyers coming from EU, Harvard, and Yale.

“Abogado ng Pilipinas, iharap mo sa akin itong mga ‘to. Ah wala. Paglaruan namin ‘yan, ilang beses na kami nakipag-engkwentro ng mga… mga warrantless, mga documents, mga export, wala alam ‘yan siya. Trial? Sus. Talikuran ko ‘yan. Blindfolded. Buang buang man itong mga yawa ka,” Duterte said.

Source: Politiko


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