Sunday, May 28, 2017

Director Manny Castañeda slams Paredes after his 'taga-bundok' statement to Mindanaoans

Actor and Director Manny Castañeda said on his Facebook account that singer and member of APO Hiking Society Jim Paredes is 'mentally ill and someone who 'urgently needs help'.

Castañeda said Paredes at first started as an "Aquino apologist, then became a fanatic and, of late, he has become delusional. "

Castañeda also asked the friends of Paredes to help him and bring him to an institution because he badly needs it.

Recently, a comment of Paredes calling the Mindanaoans 'taga-bundok' went viral on social media where many netizens criticized him and said it was very offensive.

“Mga kabataan na lang ba talaga ang hindi nakakalimot sa sinapit ng mga pilipino sa panahon ng martial law? Nakakalungkot isipin dahil yung mga matanda na kung sino payung nakaranas sa hagip ng martial law sila pa yung nanahimik,” he said in a Facebook comment.

“Tapos yung mga taga-Mindanao na taong bundok sila pa yung gusto na mag martial law dahil alam nila na hindi sila ang malalagay sa alanganin kundi kami taga luzon,” he added.

Meanwhile, Jim Paredes took his Tweeter account claiming he never posted anything about Mindanaoans.

"Fake Jim Paredes account. Pls do not be gullible.  Fuck this guy who misrepresents me. I never posted anything like this."

Read the full post of Manny Castañeda below:

"Based on his recent actions and statements, I sincerely believe that Jim Paredes is mentally ill and urgently needs help. The way I see it, he started as an Aquino apologist then became a fanatic and, of late, he has become delusional. For example, to refer to ALL Mindanaoans as mountain people or mga taga bundok is not something a sane person would normally say or do. I know many Yellowtards find him pathetic and recently would not want to associate themselves with him. And let’s face it, Jim Paredes has become a big joke, a lot funnier than Mocha Unson if I may say so myself.

I therefore compel his friends to please help Jim Paredes. Maybe bring him to an institution of something. He needs it badly.

(As an acquaintance, sagot ko na ang straight jacket.)"

Source: Manny Castañeda Facebook post

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