Friday, May 12, 2017

Coco Martin's Brother Wins At 2017 Harlem International Film Festival In New York

Coco Martin, one of the celebrities in the Philippines that earned his break through the indie scene has a brother named Ronwaldo Martin. Ronwaldo is following the footsteps of his brother Coco.

On May 4 to 7, Ronwaldo and Hasmine Killip, the "Pamilya Ordinaryo" stars  claimed the top acting honors at the Harlem International Film Festival held in New York.

Ronwaldo took home Best Actor and Hasmine won Best Actress for their roles as teenage parents who steal on the streets to make a living.

This is Ronwaldo's first acting award. He said: "Finally, I got to hook a trophy. I offer this award to my family: My mama and papa, to my siblings, especially kuya Dheng (Coco) and my grandmother."  
Meanwhile, this is Hasmine's 6th international win for the film. In an interview, Hasmine said while she was happy to have won an award, she was also nervous.

According to her: "Honestly, I’m nervous because I am giving birth next month. I’m also glad and thankful that both Ronwaldo and I won this time.” 

Source: abscbn


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