Saturday, May 13, 2017

Coco Martin Who Worked As A Janitor In Canada Now Has These Expensive Cars And Luxurious Mansion.

Coco Martin is one of the celebrities in the Philippines that earned his break through the indie scene. He is one of the big stars of Kapamilya network, being the handsome Cardo in the top rater "Ang Probinsiyano." 

Before his rise to fame, Coco was making ends meet to support for his family. He started as a struggling actor  who worked as a janitor in Canada. What makes the story more unbelievable is he was a “tago ng tago” (TNT) also known as an undocumented foreign worker.

Now, Coco is one of the wealthiest and most successful actors in the country. He is an incredibly rich, famous, successful and acclaimed actor. Due to his success in recent years, Coco has amassed great wealth – including expensive cars and a luxurious mansion. 

KAMI obtained a video which shows photos of Coco’s cars and mansion from a YouTube channel called John Lloyd Delacruz Channel.

Source: kami


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