Thursday, May 18, 2017

China to int'l community: Respect the judicial sovereignty of PH and support drug war

China to int'l community: Respect the judicial sovereignty of PH and support drug war
The Republic of China has sided with the Philippines and called  to the international community to respect the country's sovereignty in its war against illegal drugs.

Chinese Foreign Minister spokesman Geng Shuang gave a statement after 45 of 47 members of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) spoke against the Philippines' drug war and its plan to revive death penalty.

“Drugs are the common enemy for all human beings, bringing pain to many developing countries, including China. China supports President Duterte and the Philippine government in combating drug-related crimes in accordance with the law,” Geng said.

“We hope the international community can respect the judicial sovereignty of the Philippines and support its efforts in fighting drug-related crimes through cooperation,” he added.

He also called on UNHRC member-states to be fair and objective in reviewing human rights conditions in different countries.

The Philippines' human rights situation was reviewed on the eight of May under the Universal Periodic Review of the UNHRC.

Countries like China, Cuba, Russia and Venezuela applauded the efforts by the country in eradicating the dilemma of poverty, promoting socio-economic development and improving human rights.

Geng emphasized the importance of states to conduct dialogues and have cooperation as well as equality in terms if human rights.

“We hope various parties can be objective and fair in viewing the human rights conditions in different countries and promote the human rights cause through dialogue and cooperation,” he said.

With recommendations averaging 220, the Philippines got 257 recommendations, the highest from among participating states.

The recommendations were weighed heavily on discussions about death penalty and human trafficking.

Geng claimed that the country has " achieved all-round improvement and bilateral cooperation has entered a new stage" with China.

SOURCE: Philippine Star


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