Thursday, May 25, 2017

Celebrity Franco Mabanta retorts critics who claim Duterte’s Martial Law is a set up: ‘You Yellow fucking morons’

The Maute group attack on Marawi City, Lanao del Sur had forced President Rodrigo Duterte to declare Martial Law in all of Mindanao to strengthen military force and cordon the terrorists, but speculations have risen that Martial Law was planned.

“Nope, this is not a set up! These terrorists have immense connections throughout Mindanao and calling for Martial Law over there makes complete sense because it compartmentalizes the situation appropriately,” argued celebrity Franco Mabanta.

The young star defended Duterte’s move saying that the kind of Martial Law he declared is not the same as the one used during former President Ferdinand Marco’s time.

Fortifying the military arm of the government will aid in securing the city and all of Mindanao. Mabanta agrees with social media personality Krizette Chu’s opinion that it would be disadvantageous to national security if only one city was under Martial Law because the attackers could still transfer to other nearby cities.

Mabanta criticized “pseudo-intellectuals” who claim that Martial Law under Duterte threatens the country’s democracy.

While Mabanta said that political preferences may still be held, Filipinos at this time should be united against terrorist attacks and threats.

He challenged critics by contrasting how the situation would have been handled if Vice President Leni Robredo was given the post.

Mabanta cited that France had to declare Martial Law also when they were under terrorist attack.

In his full post on Facebook, Mabanta said,

UPDATE on #Marawi

I just now put on private a collection of several tweets from Marawi residents. I verified them personally and they're all real -- not bots and no Photoshop -- but till I verify that the events actually transpired, I'd rather not fear-monger.

(Though very quickly and for the sake of the point of this post, the tweets spoke of beheadings and a hospital being burnt to the ground.)

OKAY. Here we go...

Regardless of political allegiance, I'm happy that Digong has cut his Russia trip short and is on the way back to the motherland. I'm OBJECTIVELY happy it's him that's going to war for us as he knows Mindanao like the back of his hand.

Although, as predicted, the haters have began criticizing the decision of Martial Law.

"Why all of Mindanao??"

"He's setting us up to eventually put all of the Philippines under Martial Law."

"Down with Duterte!"

Oh shut the fuck up, you Yellow fucking morons.

Nope, this is not a set up! These terrorists have immense connections throughout Mindanao and calling for Martial Law over there makes complete sense because it compartmentalizes the situation appropriately.

Krizette Laureta Chu makes a great point in that if Martial Law was declared in ONE city, the bad guys could very easily move.

This isn't the same kind of Martial Law we had during the Marcos era. Everyone, Congress included, will make sure it's lifted as soon as the problem is contained. Ang dami kasing pseudo-intellectual na nagmamarunong when really the right and only thing to do is be supportive during an absolutely awful and trying time such as this.

If you don't like Duterte, that's perfectly fine with me. I get it. There are days I have difficulty with it, too. But on a night like tonight, I am NOTHING BUT GRATEFUL that's he's our Commander-In-Chief.

Tell me the truth, in this exact moment, would you really rather it was LENI fighting ISIS and their ilk? Come on, man. People can't possibly be that stupid. If so, that's crystal-clear bias and idiocy.

There's a time to drop the hate. Pick up afterwards all you want. But if you're hating on Duterte right now, YOU ARE DISGUSTING.

Now, more than ever, friends and foes alike, let's be supportive and responsible Filipino citizens. We kinda need to because tangina Isis.

PS - In case you've forgotten, the Prime Minister of France called for Martial Law too when Paris was attacked.

 🇵🇭 Relax your faces and dry your vaginas...our leader is on the way. 🇵🇭

Source: Franco Mabanta Facebook account


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