Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Catholic Church forgives priest who raped and infected 30 young girls with HIV

Catholic Church forgives priest who raped and infected 30 young girls with HIV
A Catholic priest who admitted to raping thirty young girls between the ages of five and ten and infecting them with HIV.

Jose Ataulfo Garcia from Mexico was acquitted of any crime by the Archdiocese Primada de Mexico after he confessed to sexually abusing dozens of young girls in the indigenous community of Oaxaca, according to the news platform, "Anonymous".

Garcia also admitted it the fact that he had HIV and it was he who infected the girls.

There was no entity who have spoken against this acquittal. Not the State of Mexico or Child Rights Groups.

Reportedly, the reason for this is that the community has such high regard for the church,

This influence is highly evident,  as proven by the fact that there were only two out of the thirty victims who have denounced the faith officially.

The mother of one of the victims wrote a letter to the Pope, asking to speak to him but she was ignored by the Vatican.

The acquittal of the priest by the church was an attempt to make a "more merciful church" according to Pope Francis.

The Roman Catholic Church has long had a history of pedophilia and sodomy all across nations.

Jay Greenburg quoted The Boston Globe that is known for its documentation of the Pedophilic priests the church has protected.

A team of investigative journalists revealed that the local archdiocese of Boston shielded abusive priests from being exposed for their crimes, despite their awareness of the danger it imposes to young parishioners.

The Globe expose revealed thousands of abuses which they have detailed, causing victims to come forward, along with lawyers and criminal prosecutions.

Outside of the United States, Priests from all over the world had to face criminal cases.

Despite decades of allegations, it was only in 2006 that the church condemned one of its priests, Marcial Macieal for raping minors and fathering six children.

Source: The Washington Standard


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