Friday, May 19, 2017

Canadian political strategist questions Morales' loyalty to PH: Who is paying you?

Canadian political strategist questions Morales' loyalty to PH: Who is paying you?
A Canadian political analyst questioned the loyalty  of the Philippines' Ombudsman to the country, accusing her of accepting payment to block justice.

With talks of the possibility of Pork Barrel mastermind Janet Lim Napoles becoming a state witness in the Department of Justice's reinvestigation on the case, Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales has vowed to prevent this from happening.

Amir Assodollahi, a political analyst from Canada questioned Morales' intention .

"What is she afraid of? If there is nothing to worry about, and there are things that really need to cone to light, then let there be light and don't hide things in darkness under shoved under the carpet," he said.

Assadollahi said that it is obvious that there were deals between high ranking officials and powerful people before but that should have changed with the changing of administration as well.

Regarding Morales decision on Napoles, he said, "You say you will block it, why do you want to do such a thing? Who is paying you? Where is your loyalty to - to the Filipinos and the Philippines or to others? Do you have your hands dipped in the pork barrel as well?!"

Morales previously said it is the job of the Ombudsman to decide on who becomes a state witness in corruption and graft cases filed in the Sandiganbayan.

In 2014, Napoles applied to become a state witness for the first batch of cases filed regarding the misuse of P10 billion Priority Assistance Development Funds. However, the Ombudsman denied Napoles's application.

The DOJ according to Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre has decided to preside, as the case which has been pending in the Ombudsman, has "taken too long".

SOURCE: CNN Philippines, Amir Assadollahi


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