Thursday, May 11, 2017

Canadian political strategist: Filipinos should think like Duterte, or risk losing chances at progress

Canadian political strategist: Filipinos should think like Duterte, or risk losing chances at progress
Amir Assadollahi, a Canadian political strategist, sided with ambassador to the United Nations Teddy Casino when he said that the country should take advantage of term of President Rodrigo Duterte who will bring massive change.

Assadollashi said that the country is at luck to have a president like Duterte and should therefore think as hard as him, or lose their chances at the progress he could give.

He said that Filipinos can no longer afford to depend on others, and must take a proactive approach towards the issues surrounding them, and make themselves more skilled and become better professionals.

"I cannot stress enough on how crucial it is that all Filipinos get out of their comfort zone and aim to achieve higher, learn to volunteer and learn to develop and follow standardization and regulations that not only Filipinos need to follow but the developed/industrialized nations have the demand for them," he said.

The political strategist emphasized the need for Filipinos to get out of their traditional thinking and think like their President, so that they will become winners at the end of the day.

He also stated that Duterte is mapping road for the country's future.

"Just look the world around you - the world is not a safe place to live in, but your President is aiming to create a safe Philippines with economic prosperity, regional cooperation and friendships, global partnerships, educational and environmental progress, health, safety and shelter for all, and a fight against all who endanger the future generation of the Filipinos. ' he said.

He also threw shade at the previous administration who he said, mismanaged the nation and put at stake, the younger generations of the country, thus the new administration is given the task to fix the dilemma.

"The Filipinos MUST understand that no longer they can think in the traditional ways of thinking. Your country is going forward full steam ahead, and you have to do all you can to lay down the tracks ahead of this fast moving train (in which is the future of the Philippines and the Southeast Asian region) or risk it be derailed and lose everything that you may gain from this train reaching its destination (which is the future)," he said.

"You have one thing in your advantage and that is the manpower and desire to be recognized by the world," he added.

He said that the country is sitting at a high stake poker table with all the countries of the world wanting a win.

Assadollahi added that the country has the best hand and must not be divided in order to win.

"Now you have a chance to show all what you are made of. Put yourself in high gear and let that potential you have in you pave the future of your country and your people."


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