Saturday, May 13, 2017

Better Stop Eating Tilapia Now Because of These Disgusting Reasons!

The humble tilapia is a main staple in traditional Filipino cuisine. Its popularity is mainly due to it being inexpensive. Thus, it is sold virtually everywhere. 

Apart from that, it’s also one of the most consumed fish not just in the Philippines, but in the United States as well. 

This is because tilapia is generally sold at a cheap price and is easy to prepare, perfect for immediate consumption. It has a mild taste as well, unlike most fish that have a strong aftertaste. 

However, according to Minions Scoop, people shouldn’t consume too much of it because it could lead to serious health conditions. 

Better Stop Eating Tilapia Now Because of These Disgusting Reasons!

The website reported that tilapia in China are cultivated in an “awful” manner. According to them, most of the tilapia that are being eaten today are reproduced in fish farms instead of in the wild. 

The source cited that these farm-bred fishes are fed with soy pellets and GMO (genetically-modified organism) corn. GMOs are engineered in such a way that make them “agriculturally-desirable.” 

According to the website, tilapia bred in farms are dangerous to consume for the following reasons: 

1. Inflammation 

They alleged that eating farm-bred tilapia can increase the existing allergies of a person, particularly if he or she has asthma, coronary illness, and joint inflammation. 

2. They contain cancer-bringing pollutants 

According to them, these cultivated tilapia are the ones most exposed to pollutants which may cause cancer “10 times more than wild tilapia,” or tilapia found in the sea. 

They also cited that farm-bred tilapia are often fed feeds that contain chicken manure. They also eat the manure of pig and ducks as well. 

3. They have a higher amount of pesticides and anti-infection agents. 

Due to being farm-grown, these Tilapia are alleged to have higher amounts of pesticides and antimicrobials. 

The source cited: “Pesticides are additionally a piece of their menu to execute ocean lice. These pesticides are so potent that it can kill wild salmon when presented to them unintentionally.” 

4. They have low Omega-3 to Omega-6 proportions

It was alleged that the amount of omega-3 nutrients found in cultivated tilapia are not as sustainable as its wild counterparts. Farm-bred tilapia are also more likely to contain less protein.

5. They contain high levels of dioxin

Farm-bred tilapia are said to contain high amounts of dioxin, an extremely toxic environmentally persistent organic pollutant. 

The source cited that these are lethal because they could cause the body to produce tumors.

According to them: “The most exceedingly awful thing is that when dioxins get into the body, they will take quite a while to cleanse it out – around 7-11 years is half of what it takes for dioxin to be expelled from the body.” 

Take note that these claims are unverified and, therefore, do not necessarily state factual statements. 

Do you eat tilapia as well? How do you feel after reading these allegations? Do you believe that farm-bred tilapia could pose a serious risk to your health? 

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